Memory – This is a live recording from the Album in a Week course I have run for 5 years at The Roundhouse in Camden. The kid who I helped to write the song, Rio, was about 15 at the time. It’s a delight to work with talented people like this and help them bring out their creativity and learn to work collaboratively.
When I Wake Up – Elizabeth Karayan, who wrote this with me when she was 13, was one of many young people I worked with over the years for an organisation called Ladders based in Walthamstow.
The People Song – this was written collaboratively with a group of about 8 Year 7 students at Lamas School in Leyton. It’s a bit of an anthem – check out Georgina’s voice on the middle eight.
In the Mood for Food – an extract from Potato Suite, which I wrote for children’s voices and was performed at the Three Rivers Festival in Surrey in 2006.
The Orange Song – a call-and-response song about a rejected fruit; the ending is quite deep