The Mouse Queen

- Little Angel, New Victory (New York), Polka, Unicorn, Hampstead, 2004-2006

Music and lyrics - Ben Glasstone

Script – Ben Glasstone and Tim Kane

Director – Steve Tiplady

Designer – Peter O’Rourke

Based loosely on some of Aesop’s Fables, Mouse Queen uses a live band, Brechtian wit and ingenious puppetry to tell the story of a plucky mouse and a complacent lion and their adventures among the human beings.

“Wonderfully imaginative...the whole thing is done with such dash, such a sense of fun and such bold theatricality...a truly original piece of work” The Guardian

“A terrific theatrical experience…Move over Lion King, The Mouse Queen has arrived.” Time Out New York

Music from The Mouse Queen
Cheese – a song about Cheese sung mainly by mice
The Way It Is – a klezmer-tinged song sung by a lion to a mouse