I'm currently singing mainly funny songs.  Here's one about trying to flirt without wearing my glasses.

Here’s some more from my solo back catalogue:

Solo tracks -

Say it in Tahitian

Soup - Most recently I had a band with cellist Hannah Marshall and the late great accordionist and comic songwriter Jim Marcovitch. We recorded an album, 'Night Of The Long Spoons', which you can buy from me (see below). All proceeds go towards the Festival of Jim, a planned annual event to celebrate his life and work. Click here to listen to Soup tracks.  (To hear more Soup go to: http://soupsongs.bandcamp.com/album/night-of-the-long-spoons)

click here to listen to Soup tracks



Meanwhile - From the mid Nineties to the early Noughties I wrote and played with Meanwhile, a top-notch accoustic-based 4/5 piece. We started recording an EP in 1995 and are nearly at the mixing stage.

click here to listen to Meanwhile tracks

As well as the Soup record, I have recorded two albums about things that come in sevens, 'The Days' and 'Deadly Medley'. Five more are planned.
You can buy these CDs from me for £10 each, please email me here.